Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Delightful Dialogue: The Terminal

Frank Dixon: I'm talking about bombs. I'm talking about human dignity. I'm talking about human rights. Viktor, please don't be afraid to tell me that you're afraid of Krakhozia.

Viktor Navorski: Is home. I am not afraid from my home.

Viktor Navorski: So?

Frank Dixon: All right.

Viktor Navorski: I go to New York City now?

Frank Dixon: No.

Viktor Navorski: No? Uh... Okay. I'm uh... I'm uh... I'm afraid from ghosts.

Frank Dixon: Okay, thanks very much!

Viktor Navorski: I'm afraid from, uh... Dracula!

Frank Dixon: Thanks a lot. Thanks, Viktor!

Viktor Navorski: Afraid from Wolfmens, afraid from sharks!

Frank Dixon: It's okay. Thank you Viktor! Thanks a lot!

~ Stanley Tucci and Tom Hanks in The Terminal (2004)

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Christina In Wonderland said...

I absolutely love this movie! :) That was back in the good days of Tom Hanks.