Wednesday, February 17, 2010


That's right, Cin-Obs! Looks like they're makin' it a trilogy! WOOHOO!!

According to Tommy Lee Jones' IMDB page, he's gonna be participating in the third Men In Black movie!

Now I'm sure you can guess what we're gonna say now - if Big Willy doesn't come back, the franchise will be completely ruined. But IMDB says he WILL BE! *happy dance happy dance jiggy jiggy*

(Side note - Will Smith is rumoured to be making I Robot 2 AND Hancock 2. Hope he's not getting desperate)

Since details are only on IMDB Pro, and we're cheapskates, we don't know too much. But sometimes that's the fun of it!

Ok, so potential storylines anyone? Here we go. Obviously they'll bring in another big baddie alien who wants to take over the world or destroy it or some such thing. Hopefully they won't bring back any stupid talking animals, cuz I coulda done without THAT in the second film. Also coulda done without Lara Flynn Boyle in leather.

More details as we get 'em!

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