Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mom and Dad Save the World: A Classic Review

Hey Cin-Obs! You should know by now how much we love us a good flop. A real steaming pile of crap can make the best movie in our books.

And there are few flops to top Mom And Dad Save The World (1992). Hailed by most critics as a total piece'o'crap, it's one of those 90s films we've rewatched and rewatched, and upgraded to DVD (special order).

Teri Garr and Jeffrey Jones star as mom and dad, aka Marge and Dick Nelson, two of the sweetest, dorkiest parents you've ever seen.

Meanwhile, far away on the planet Spengo, the evil Emporer Tod Spengo (yes he named the planet after himself) is plotting to destroy Earth with a big-arse laser, thereby making Spengo the biggest planet in the galaxy! MUA HA HA! (planet envy much?) And the icing on the cake? Spengo is played by the hilar Jon Lovitz!

Tod starts hardcore crushin' on Marge and decides to beam her up... oh yeah and that nuissance of a husband Dick as well. Their station wagon takes an intergalactic trip (totally possible) to Spengo where Emporer Tod plans to make Marge his bride! "Marge, oh Marge, Tod's love for you is LAARRGGE!"

Obviously we get tons of shenanigans, some exceptional escapes, a campfire classic, and all kids of sci-fi goodies. Even a cameo by the amazing Eric Idle as the imprisoned former ruler of the planet!

Check these dudes out. Would you want to be running around in a sewer with these bad-boys on your tail? Well it happens. Watch the movie!

For the ultimate in sci-fi silly cheese, check out this gem, and be sure to go into it knowing you're not gonna take it seriously. Mom And Dad Save The World isn't regarded as a cult classic yet, but we're sure it will catch on and earn the status eventually. Cuz we said so.

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