Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Will Smith's Son + Jackie Chan = New Karate Kid Movie!

Look at those corn-rows blowin' in the wind! It's just so INTENSE! Jaden Smith stars as the new Karate Kid, and Jackie Chan will be his master/trainer/sensei/whatever-you-call-it. I can already feel some amazing Magical Montages, and some Terrific Training on the way. This kid is a little spark-plug, so we think he's a good fit for the role. With Will Smith as your dad, you're guaranteed to get some good career advice. We don't think Big Willy would steer his little boy wrong.

This might be the movie Jackie Chan needs to revive his career after a lot of crap, and give him another hit movie. What did I tell you? He needs a sidekick to make his movies work. And I get the feeling little Jaden might outshine him!


Lisa said...

LOL love the blurb above!! maynards? lol this movie looks interesting! thanks for the trailer

JRL said...

I'm amazed that this doesn't look terrible!
Although i don't think anyone will ever be able to replace Mr. Miyagi, i will say that Jackie Chan looks like a decent fit for this role.
I'm excited to re-experience my childhood!

The spoof on catching the fly with the chopsticks... classic reference!