Monday, March 29, 2010

Beauty and the Briefcase

Get ready tweens - Hilary's got a new rom-com comin' that'll blow your bubble-gum-poppin'-Jonas-Brothers-lovin'-still-get-mom-to-drive-you-to-the-mall-heads off!

Oh who am I kiddin'?! We're gonna love this presumably light, fluffy comedy too!

Here's the scoop... Hilary will play Lane, a freelance writer cookin' up an undercover piece for Cosmopolitan about 'lolling in fove' in the workplace. Cue Seth, played by cutie-patootie Matt Dallas as Hilary's love interest.

Time for plot predictions: Hilary goes undercover, really focused on her career and delivering a good, solid piece. She meets cute young professional. They hit it off and begin to date... He finds out she lied, breaks it off, wah wah, they make up when she adjusts her piece to include some form of apology. Hmmm.. What does this remind me of? Never Been Kissed? 27 Dresses? Maybe a bit of both.

This one may go straight to DVD. Check it out April 18, 2010.


Wendybob said...

I smell hints of How to Lose a Guy in 10 days...

Chantale said...

Baaaah!!! How did I forget to include that one??!!! I salute you Wendybob.