Friday, March 19, 2010

The Lottery Ticket

This one caught my attention. Ang and I are constantly playing the 'What if We Win the Lottery or Suddenly Fall into Absurd Amounts of Money and Could Have/Do Anything We Want Game'... the 'What If' game for short.

We make all sorts of plans. Make all sorts of imaginary purchases. We get really excited and giddy. Then we remember that it probably won't happen and we sulk for a few days. It's a common game, I'm sure. Most of you probably play it.

Now back to the movie at hand. Here's a 'lil synopsis:

Kevin Carson (Bow Wow), a young man living in the projects, wins $370 million in a nationwide lottery. When his opportunistic neighbors discover he has the winning ticket in his possession, Kevin must survive their greedy and sometimes even threatening actions over a three-day holiday weekend before he can claim his prize.

Hmmm... Bow Wow... $370 million? Here's my predictions for Bow Wow purchases:

1. 500 blingy blings...

2. 5 or 6 pimped out rides...

3. Lotsa sparkly watches...

Sterotyping? Stop me when I lie... I think I've seen Mr. Wow with all of the above.

Ok Ang, get ready for LottoMax tomorrow! What are we gonna do with all our moolah?!

Our Wish List:

1. Matching Austin Mini's
2. A gigantic jungle gym for our backyard
3. A fully functioning treehouse (indoor plumbling and electricity)
4. Our own waterpark
5. A manmade lake in the backyard with jetskis
6. A trampoline the size of a small country
7. A disco room for our house
8. A 'Goldie Oldie' theater (open to the public)
9. A store in every major city in Canada
10. Fund our own movie (screenplay in the works)

What would you Cin-Obs want? Wish Lists anyone?

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KeLLy aNN said...

Pay off My freakin Student Loans!!