Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tantalizing Trivia: Teen Wolf

Oh how I loved MJF in Teen Wolf (1985). It came out a year before I was born, but that didn't stop me from wanting the hairiest boyfriend in town. What? That's not weird. Shut up.

Only problem was, these so called "teens" in Teen Wolf were total frauds.

At the time of filming, the ages of the male stars were:

Michael J. Fox as Scott - 23
Jerry Levine as Stiles - 27

Whoooaaa... my 8 year-old crushes were less on the cute side and more on the illegal side.

Watch the irony below as Stiles tries to buy beer. The reality is this - he's a man of 27 who's been legally buying beer for years, playing an underage kid who's pretending to be of age.

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Christina In Wonderland said...

I absolutely love this movie! And I love when almost thirty-year-olds play underage kids. It makes me laugh so hard I pee a little.