Thursday, March 4, 2010

Teen Witch Remake!

Remember that 1989 cult classic Teen Witch?

Well, like all classic films that we grew up with, they're remaking it! This version will be a musical (of which we're always fans) and it will star High School Musical alum Ashley Tisdale! Although she's a total cheeseball, she might be perfect for this singin' and dancin' family film.

Wait wait... I bet I can guess the plot! "I'm not very popular... oh wait I have magical powers... I'm getting better at it, the cute boy starts noticing me, I put a spell on him so he likes me, I realize the error of my ways and start to just BE MYSELF!"

It doesn't take magical powers to predict that one. Haha see what I did there? So clever.

The young girls will flock to see this one, I'm sure, but as we've said before, we were always into the darker, badass teen witches who could actually eff you up. I refer you to THIS POST.

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