Monday, March 15, 2010


Check out this young boy, with his sharp eyes... WHO IS HE?

He has starred in some our favourite movies, and definitely earned himself heart-throb status.

Be the first correct guesser in the comments and become the new Cin-Ob Supreme! It's a very prestigious title that people have killed for in the past. It's true. Swear to god. Some have even waged war for the title. But we're pacifists, so don't do that.

Win this title and get a post of your choice on Friday, a shout-out, bragging rights, and I will engrave your name on the plaque we keep in our basement of past winners. YAY!


Karen Kaye said...

I'm seeing a bit of Joseph Gordon-Levitt around the eyes... He's a cutie whoever he is!

Jonathan said...

It's Patrick Swayze?

Benny Paul said...

Sean William Scott?

Penny Girl said...

Well goodness..I'm late. I agree with Jonathan though. Patrick Swayze?

Dawn said...

Yep! Definitely Swayze! You can't possibly mistake that smile! xxx