Monday, March 15, 2010

Ralph Fiennes' new Shakespeare Project: Coriolanus

Coriolanus? Huh? I guess it's not the most popular Shakespeare play, but hey - filmmakers are getting desperate. They'll take ANY idea and make a movie about it.

Ralph Fiennes will be directing and starring in this modern adaptation of the Shakespeare tragedy. Ooooh a tragedy! GOODY! I can't wait to feel like crap!

Anyways, Ralphy will be starring as the title character, who was a legendary Roman leader (shocking, he gave himself the lead role) and Gerard Butler will star as Tullus Aufidius, a military general.

Good choice Gerry... most people hated you in your recent string of rom-coms (but we loved you!) so you're getting back to "macho army leaders" type of roles. Hopefully you'll speak in your regular charming accent, so as to avoid the stroke-mouthed look you have when trying to sound American.

We don't know yet if this will be directly adapted from Shakespeare's words in a modern environment, or just loosely based on the story, but either way, based on the poster, we'll probably skip this big-gun-shoot-shoot-bang-macho-fest.

PS - I did a lot of Shakespeare in high school. I was very popular.


Benny Paul said...

I'm going to be super optimistic about this one. I think that if someone as experienced as Ralph is going to take on an oddball Shakespeare play like this one, he probably has a good reason for it.
This is his first film as a director, though, so we've got no idea what to expect...
But I'm optimistic about his abilities as directors, based on the fact that, while actors don't often make good directors, older and very experienced actors often do. There are the obvious examples of Clint Eastwood or Robert Redford... but then there is also Sean Penn, who is surprisingly better than you'd expect. Intelligent actors often manage to learn a lot from being on the sets of so many good directors.
And then there's Olivier and Branagh... two actors who managed to make the transition from experienced Shakespearean actor to great Shakespearean cinema director.

Of course, it could also turn out to be a disaster.

Angie said...

All great points, Benny! I'm also eager to find out just how 'modern' this is going to be. I like the concept of Shakespeare's exact words in a modern world setting, à la Romeo + Juliet (1996)