Monday, April 26, 2010

Poll Results: Your favie first person perspective flick!

We've talked about the first person perspective experience in film and how much we looove it! So we asked you what you all thought. As always, you guys rocked in your votes! Coming in as your favie FPP flick (by a landslide) is.... drumroll..... District 9 (2009)! You must have loved it as much as we did! Huzzah for Cin-Obs everywhere!

Cloverfield (2008) came in second and The Blair Witch Project (1999) snagged third place! We were thrilled to see The St. Francisville Experiment (2000) receive a vote (we know who that musta been!)

2 votes for 'OTHER' though... C'mon guys! Let us know what we've missed! Perhaps we've never seen it. Perhaps it slipped our obsessive brains. Drop us some titles in the comments! We just watched Quarantine (2008) last week and realized it was an amazing FPP gem! Scared the poopy out of us! It would have been included had we known!

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