Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ferocious Fight: Sherlock Holmes

We thoroughly enjoyed this recent RDJ flick! He basically can do no wrong in our world. He could play an ex-convict named Bubba who is looking for his serial killer mother while undercover in China - A musical with dance numbers and a crazy twist ending where we find out he's a woman and it turns out he is his own mother. If Robert Downey Jr. stars, we'll see it... and give it a rave review.

This Ferocious Fight from Sherlock Holmes (2009) gives us brains and brawn. We were fascinated by this Holmes fellow and how he was able to deduce, through simple logic, how this meathead was goin' down.


KeLLy aNN said...

omg. The Man and I saw this Christmas night at the movies {a new experience, a delight one, and I hope to repeat it}. I felt he Nailed! it. He brought to life the image of a Young Sherlock Holmes I had always envisioned.
I liked this movie so much, that I contacted a make up blogger to find out who did Rachels makeup! bah!
Didn't I hear it from you all that there was a second in progress?

Angie said...

We looooved this one too Kelly Ann! RDJ was awesome! Such a charismatic character ;)

You didn't hear it from us about a sequel, but that news makes us very excited!

Also, it's been our family tradition for years to go to the movies on Christmas Day, it's always fun :)

KeLLy aNN said...

this is what i found: