Thursday, April 1, 2010

Rainn Wilson is... Super!

Get ready for a dark comedy/superhero movie! I like the combo... just hoping it's not another Hancock (2008).

Super, directed by James Gunn is set for release 'some time this year'. Rainn Wilson stars as an average Joe who takes on the alter ego of CRIMSON BOLT! - a superhero who swings a wrench around. He means well but... ahem... he ain't exactly a hero.

Also making appearances in the flick are: Liv Tyler, Ellen Page, Kevin Bacon, and Nathan Fillion. Seems like a pretty good cast, good concept. We're not convinced it'll be a big hit in theaters, but we're pretty sure we'll enjoy it. Although that's a pretty safe assumption when it comes to most movies.

This gets me thinking. What kind of superhero would I be? What kind of superhero would Angie be? Special powers? Motivations? Outfits?

Meet The Popcorn Prowler and the Kaped Kernel. They're armed. They're potentially dangerous to all those who stand in the way of movie obsession.

Where there are movies. They will be there.

Where there is hunger. They will be there.

Where there are stuck-up movie critics. They will be there... to remove their heads from their puckered assholes and punish them with razor sharp popcorn kernels between their teeth that even the best floss cannot remove.

They are unstoppable.
They are unpoppable.
They are determined.
They are obsessed...


Christina In Wonderland said...

Nathan Fillion you say? I'm totally watching that movie. He's super awesome. And Rainn Wilson is okay too. :) Lol.

Do you guys need a sidekick of any kind? I mean, you guys have the comic relief down pat, but every Frankenstein needs an Igor... and every Batman needs a Robin. Minus the bad costumes.

Angie said...

Hahaha well now that you mention it, we're looking for someone to guard the entrance to our Cin-Ob Cave!

Simon said...

Oh, how I'm seeing this...