Wednesday, April 21, 2010

TAGLINES: Take Two! Winner and New Assignment!

Ladies and Gents... we have a WINNA!!!

Well, you voted and chose your winner for the best alternative tagline for THE GOONIES!

This summer, go Chunk yourself...

Submitted by SIMON from FOUR OF THEM, another excellent movie blog! His winning tagline will now be featured in the Tagline Hall of Fame - located at the top of the page, under the header.

Simon recently summed up the way movies affect our lives in a recent post, when he said "My entire attitude on life is directly affected by the last movie I saw."

We feel the same way Simon! HIGH FIVE!


Here is your next assignment, Cin-Obs:

Submit your own tagline for this film and get inducted into the Tagline Hall of Fame!

Submissions will take place this week, and voting next week! Get crackin'!


Simon said...


MovieDrew said...

"Hey, isn't that the kid from E.T.?"

MovieDrew said...

Or, if that's too subtle: "This summer, you will believe that an actor can spend the rest of his career being identified at the kid from E.T.!"

Angie said...

Drew - LOVE IT! haha!!

Simon said...

This does not count, because I'm not a selfish glorywhore--no matter what my therapist says--but I just thought of one:

"Glory. Redemption. Home.
There, now you can save your ten bucks."

C. M. Dobson said...

A phone call of epic proportions.


I flew with an alien on a bicycle and all I got was this lousy acting career.

Jonathan said...

I haven't seen this movie in years, so I'll to go and use what I know of it:

"A movie that will make you wish you had your own alien to fly you over the moon!"