Friday, May 28, 2010

Ben Stiller and Tom Cruise are THE HARDY MEN!

Get ready... Here come Tom Cruise and Ben Stiller as THE HARDY MEN!!! Ok, so it's a book adaptation yet again, but me so excitey! Admittedly, I was more of a Nancy Drew gal, but who doesn' t love The Hardy Boys?! They represent all that is good and wonderful in the world of shenanigans!

In this adaptation, the Hardy boys have become men. But don't fret, they're still up to their same old tricks!

I'm looking forward to seeing these two on screen together. While Benny is a fave of mine, I'm a little unsure about couch jumper. He was aiight in Tropic Thunder (2008) as Les Grossman, the weirdy weird head honcho of the movie biz. He had a funny cameo in Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002) playing the movie version of Austin and he had several funny moments in Rain Man (1988). We have faith Tom.

P.S. Has anyone seen Ben Stiller's impression of Tom Cruise on SNL? Celebrity Jeopardy. Hilarious. You can hear crickets, but we were howling when we first saw this clip... Wonder what Tom thought of it?

SNL Ben Stiller - MyVideo

Look for the grown up Hardy Men in 2012!

Sorry, I just had to.

*** Angie here... sorry to intrude on your post Chanty, but I was always more of a Boxcar Children fan.

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Hmmmm.... I'm looking forward to this.... I'm a little scared though, I wonder if they're going to have chemistry....