Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The New Hot 89.9 and the 89 Second Review!

My dearest loving charming sexy Cin-Obs. I have a mission for you.

Have you been enjoying our 89 Second Reviews? What am I saying, of COURSE you are. Just kidding, we're not assholes. We appreciate every single little view these vids get. Anyways, every week we get out to see a new movie, sometimes at advanced screenings courtesy of our friends at 89.9. And every week we dress up and make fools out of ourselves to deliver hard-hitting cinematic journalism.

CLICK HERE to see a complete compilation of our videos over at Hot 89.9's website if you haven't yet had the pleasure. We are specifically affiliated with the most hilarious morning show in radio's history, The Morning Hot Tub. Visit their website to listen live!

Anyhoos, the mish is this should you choose to accept it:

If you've got an opinion about our 89 Second Reviews, we ask that you send an email over to our main man Mauler, of the Morning Hot Tub.

Like what you've seen? Have a fave review? Wanna see more of CinemaObsessed.com? Tell Mauler!

Now go, Cin-Obs... start the barrage of emails! MUA HA HA HA HA!

*Mauler, if you're reading this - sorry we posted your picture and encouraged a flood of emails then exploded in evil laughter.

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