Monday, May 17, 2010

TAGLINES: Take Two! Winner and New Assignment!

Our third installment of TAGLINES: Take Two! has come to an end, and the Cin-Obs have voted!

The best alternative tagline for American Pie is:

This summer...every hole will be filled,
and new one's will be created.

Congrats to TRAVIS from The Movie Encyclopedia for submitting this filthy, filthy tagline. WE LOVE IT! Travis' original tagline can now be found in the Tagline Hall of Fame, whose handy link can be found right under the header of this page.


So, it's time again for a new assigment! Give us your original tagline for The Terminator. You've got all this week to submit, and voting starts next Monday!

Be funny, be original, use your own personal experience of the film, and win the votes of the Cin-Obs! Post your submissions in the comments!


Shawn said...

"Better than Conan the Destroyer or your money back!"

Simon said...

Go, Travis! Thanks for ditching the numbah-heavy name.



Adam said...

"He's Back For The First Time, And To Change The Future, A Catchphrase Will Be Born!"

Dannie said...

"Hasta la Vista, motherfuckers."

Jonathan said...

See this movie, if you want to live.