Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bow Wow in Lottery Ticket

Bow Wow (formerly Lil') DID NOT WIN THE LOTTERY. Or at least that's what he wants you to think... that sly dog. Haha get it?

I love how they credit him along the top of the poster... First name - Bow. Last name - Wow. We also get this gem - First name - Ice. Last name - Cube. Yikes. Also, T-Pain doesn't even get a first name.  I woulda thought it was T... but whatever.

Seriously Bow, how long are you gonna keep that up? Even Snoop's having regrets about choosing a ridiculous name now that he's a grown man. Just be yourself, that's my advice. Trust me... Lady Gaga's gonna regret it when she's 45 and people are going, "Excuse me, Ms. Gaga?" Wait a sec, what am I saying? We won't be hearing from her 3 years from now. At least that's my hope/prediction.

Lottery Ticket

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