Thursday, June 3, 2010

CONTACT - A Short Horror Film Review!

A little while ago we got an email from Jeremiah Kipp, a filmmaker, asking us to have a look at his newest project, a short horror film called Contact.

The 10 minute film has very little dialogue, actually almost none at all. And it doesn't need any. We felt very tense from the start, even though we didn't quite know why.

The film follows a young couple as they acquire some drugs, smoke it on up, enjoy it for a bit, before things go bad for the woman. From what we saw, it can only be described as one hell of a trip-out. At least that's what we assume was happening. While watching her suffer, you'll want to crawl out of your own skin. Talk about Just Say No. Yowza.

After her horrible experience (and her partner's apparent complete disregard for her trauma), the young woman goes home to her parents, we're guessing in an attempt to heal some family wounds and escape from the world of drugs she'd gotten herself into.

The production value was great, and we were really surprised. The silence in this film really gets to you, and makes it very intense. The acting was also great. Everything about the film is understated - the lack of dialogue, the black and white - everything is left up to the viewer, which was what made it a fun experience.

You can watch Contact by CLICKING HERE. Let us know what you think!

Info on Jeremiah Kipp can he found HERE.

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