Monday, June 21, 2010

Exquisite Extra: Avatar

Check out some behind the scenes footage from the set of Avatar (2009). I know I've posted a lot about this movie but listen... come in close... I have a secret. *Angie looks left to right and leans in close* I am a Na'Vi born in a human body. I'm thinking of undergoing a species change. I just want to feel right in my own skin. And that skin is blue.

I have rewatched Avatar like a bazillion times, I just can't get enough. The problem is this - I'm a special features whore, and when the DVD was released early with NOTHING but scene selection, I was devastated, because this was one movie I wanted to know EVERYTHING about. The DVD called to me everyday when I passed by the store. The shimmering blue cover was looking me in the eye, saying "You know you wanna buy me..." And I caved. But thanks to YouTube I've been able to satisfy my crack-like addiction to extras. So here we have a peak at the making of Avatar. HOOK IT DIRECTLY TO MY VEINS!!! AAHH!!!

And just in case you're all wondering what we would look like as Na'vi... here ya go:



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