Friday, August 13, 2010

Lights... Camera... Obsession!

We've had a craaazy year! We work our little Cin-Ob butts off to bring you some serious cinema obsession. We have achieved many of our goals and have dreamed up many many more.

Everything we do, we do it for you. Brian Adams. Canadian. Booya. What? I have no idea.

We appreciate every little click, every little vote, every little comment. We are so excited to have you join us on our journey. Thank you, please come again!

Now we'd like to tell y'all about a few things...

First up is the LAMB, short for the Large Association of Movie Blogs. Want to meet other people who share in the MOD (Movie Obsession Disorder)? Well then pay them a visit to find tons of fabulous blogs about... you guessed it... MOVIES!

Next up is the podcast, Cin-Ob Speak! Wanna hear us babble on about our favie flicks in a silly, themed out show? Well grab the popcorn and hit play!

Finally, we'd like to tell you about a little gig we have with a local radio station here in Ottawa. The station: The New Hot 89.9 FM. The gig: The 89 Second Review! The station sends us out to sneak peeks of the latest flicks and then we dress up and make fools of ourselves, all for your viewing pleasure! We've been toys, ogres, superheroes, secret agents and more!

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