Friday, August 13, 2010

Non-Charismatic Characters

This post was written by this week's Cin-Ob Supreme, Jonathan!

Many times I visit this site and find great content. One of my favorite segments is the Charismatic Characters. Although I absolutely love watching scenes with great written characters, it got me thinking of the other side of the coin, those characters that to some can be so annoying they can be deemed to be Non-Charismatic Characters.

I have a few that I want to discuss, and I’m sure you will agree with me (if not there is something wrong with you). *joke*

First – Meesa hates this guy with a passion – Mr. Jar Jar Binks. I don’t understand how G. Lucas can say that he was created to appeal to small children and get away with it. If you are creating an adult movie, stick with adult themes. Who gives a shite to appeal to small kids, they have their own movies.

Sample of his annoyance:


Second – The precious Gollum/Smeagol – Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE the entire trilogy of LOTR, but for some reason this character just didn’t do it for me. Every time I re-watch the movies, I cringe when Gollum starts being in the frame more often. I think it’s his look and the way he talks and spits so much. Yuk. I could have done without this character, although “every creature serves a purpose” as Gandalf would say. But honestly, if you have some major sore throat, take a cough drop!


Finally – Harry Potter’s chamber maid – Dobby the Elf (or whatever it was). Again, I love the Harry Potter films, so thank God this annoying fellow only showed up in The Chamber of Secrets. I think it’s a funny thing that he reminded me of Gollum so much. I find JK Rowling “took” a lot of ideas from the LOTR series. I think what bugged me the most about him was his look. That nose, and those ears, not quite right even for a fantasy creature!

So here you go. I think what bugs me the most about these characters, is that they talk in the 3rd person, “Meesa doesn’t like this” (Jar Jar) or “It burns us” (Gollum) and so on. I mean seriously, you ain’t no royalty. Now maybe you won’t agree with me, maybe you absolutely loved Dobby, or that Gollum strikes your fancy. If so all the power to you!

Are there any other characters you can think of that annoyed you? I’d love to know as these are the only ones I could quickly think of.

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Christina In Wonderland said...

Leave Dobby out of this! He never hurt anybody! :/