Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Splendid Speech: Braveheart

Go Mel, go Mel, go Mel! I mean go William Wallace, go William Wallace, go William Wallace! This Splendid Speech from Braveheart (1995) makes me realize how many scenes like this I've seen:

An army of most-likely STANKY men who haven't bathed in weeks are united by one man, an unlikely common man, who riles them up and spouts out shite about FREEDOM! and GLORY! and then leads them into battle where most of them don't live or suffer horrific life-threatening injuries that end up scarring them for life, like having a wooden leg or a hook for a hand or a gigantic scar that runs through their face and since they're in times where people can barely keep clean, let alone undergo reconstructive surgery, they will have to live with that forever because one guy got them all pumped up by some fabulous speech.... *INHAAAALE*

Great movie though. Check out Mel (pre losing his marbles) as William Wallace, speech deliverer extraordinaire:

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