Monday, June 28, 2010

There Be Dragons... and I be swoonin'

I'm on a kick lately with the religious flicks. There Be Dragons, coming out later this year, is a film about the life of Josemaria Escriva, a Roman Catholic priest and the founder of Opus Dei. Wooooweeee! This ought to be good! Here's the full synopsis:

A young journalist long ago rejected by his now aged and dying father finds himself investigating one of his father's former friends, a candidate for canonization. Uncovering the two men's complicated relationship from childhood through the horrors of the Spanish Civil War unveils a compelling drama filled with passion, betrayal, love and religion. An action packed story set during a murderous time in history that ultimately serves the present by revealing the importance and timeless power of forgiveness. IMDB

Charlie Cox will star as Josemaria in this upcoming drama. Now Charlie-boy is a new favie of mine. I fell in lusty love with Charlie in Stardust (2007). He played Tristan, the oh-so-dreamy most perfectest fantasy man eva! Plus he's a totally brillz actor with a super cute English accent. Swoooooooooon.

Another dreamboat makin' an appearance is Dougray Scott, my most favourite prince in Ever After (1998). Yet another accent. Hmmm... perhaps I have a pattern going here. Can't wait to watch Charlie and Dougray on the big screen again (for their acting of course, but also for some eye candy).

According to director Roland Joffé, the film is not so much about the life of Josemaria, but about the things people do to find the meaning of life. Interesting. It's a period piece. It's set in 1930s Rome. And it's based on true events.We're in.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a great film. I cannot wait to see it.

KeLLy aNN said...

I freakin Love STARDUST.
This is on the list...
I'm being lazy, but when is it being released?

Chantale said...

Dianne - I'm mighty excitey too!

Kels - I couldn't find a specific release date, only that it's coming in 2010 - I'll let ya know when I find out!

JRL said...

Could be an award winner. We'll have to see.
I'm officially going on the record and saying this will be nominated for something.

KeLLy aNN said...