Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cleopatra: The Musical!

Anyone who knows us knows that we can't get enough of musicals. Whether they're chock-full of cheesey cheese whizy or not, we're always game! In my hunt for upcoming musicals, I came across one that got my heart palpatating, my skin tingling, my Cin-Ob mind racing... Cleo(2011):

A 1920s-set, song-and-dance retelling of the story of Cleopatra, Antony, and Caesar. IMDB

Well shitballs! I can barely deal with this concept. A period piece, a remake of a classic, a musical, set in Egypt. DONZO!! Steven Soderbergh will direct this flick about a queen torn between two men: Marc Antony and Julius Caesar. Oooh a love triangle set to music. Wicked.

The film has a budget of $30 million and is rumoured to have a 1950s style soundtrack. Can't wait.

Angie - I know you're reading this and freaking out. I think we should dress up as Egyptian queens and enter the theater in song and dance. Whadyasay?!


Annah said...

You like musicals? :( Don't hate me... I seriously cannot stomach them. But I do love Cleopatra and I do very much so love Catherine Zeta-Jones. She's gorje!

Angie said...

Course we like musicals! But that's not shocking because we like everything. Seriously though, we have a soft spot for cheesiness in movies.

DEZMOND said...

I think the work on this musical has been halted ... But I would sure like to see Zeta as Cleo. Too bad this probably won't be an epic but something set in a more modern period with the classic characters.

Angie said...

Dez - I got the impression it was a movie within a movie... 1920s actors filming a Cleopatra movie? Hadn't heard about the halt in production, but now I'm googling.

TG said...

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