Monday, July 19, 2010

Hercules in Live-Action!

Well, this was only a matter of time! Super epic movies are back with a vengeance (ie Clash of the Titans, the upcoming Conan the Barbarian remake, Thor, etc), and Hercules is reported to be comin' atcha in live action! is reporting that Brett Ratner might be at the helm of this new project, and we're nothin' but excited for it! If Brett really does end up being behind the project, you can bet it will be the most epic thing that was ever epic. The only possible thing to make it more epic? Michael Bay. But he's busy with alien robots and such these days.

Anyways, we both fell in lurve with Herc as a cartoon back in 1997. Don't judge. You know he was hot. We're totally up for seeing his hunky muscles and 12-pack in live action.

Our thoughts for casting? Well obviously someone in great shape for the demi-god himself. Perhaps a little Chris Evans? Nah, he's busy with Captain America. How bout someone like Zac Efron? Granted, he would make it a little cheesey - it would be unavoidable - but we'd like to see Herc be loveable and sweet, even a little goofy. We don't need another stone-faced Sam Worthington as our hero. Blegh.

Another thought? Young cutie muffin Kyle Gallner. 'Memba him? The kid from The Haunting in Connecticut and the new Nightmare remake.

As for Zeus, let's see - someone intense but loveable... methinks the voice of Z-Man from the Disney film might be able to reprise the role - Mr. Rip Torn. Great voice.

There's gotta be some amazing fit dudes out there perfect for this role, but the names are escaping me. Who would you like to see as Herc? Zeus? The love interest?


Katelin said...

oh a herc remake? i hadn't heard about this one. perhaps xavier samuel? or channing tatum? eh maybe not. i'll leave the casting up to hollywood.

Angie said...

Channing Tatum's not a bad idea at all! We know he's got the bod for it :)

Laura Dischinger said...

I'm sure Hollywood won't pick anyone too terrible. By the way, that Herc cartoon is freakin' hilarious!

Jon said...

If it was me i would have cast Zach Galifianakis in the role

Nippy The Penguin said...

Perhaps Mark Lutz I know he is older but has played the strong hero type on the TV show Angel as the Groosalugg. And was thinking perhaps Michael Wincott as Hades if he is at all involved with the movie.

Angie said...

Laura - I told you he was hot! haha!

Jon - a complete spoof of the Hercules concept WOULD be amazing!

Nippy - I didn't even think of casting Hades! So many options!