Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Jackass Movie Gives you Stunts and Poop Jokes in 3 Dimensions

GRROOOAAANN.... as much as the stupidity of this franchise makes me cringe and have serious doubts about the nature of humanity, it still makes me laugh. Dog gonnit, it's true.

All of our favourite morons are back in this 3rd installment of idiocy on film... and it comes out on Chanty's birthday! October 15th! I know where wee'rree gooiiingg!!! Just kidding.

Apparently Bam Margera broke 3 ribs during filming and spent a while in hospital, so you KNOW it's gonna be good. Not really, I hate when people get hurt.

So what kind of shenanigans will take place you ask?

"One of the stunts Bam Margera stated he intended to film was entitled "The Worst Wake-up in the World" in which himself and Ryan Dunn would wake up Bam's fellow friend Brandon Novak with defibrillators, then urinate onto his face, throw flour on him to cake the urine, punch him in each eye, and then release six vampire bats into the room, and lock the door."

"'The Heli-cockter' has also been filmed [in which] Chris Pontius tethered a remote control-operated helicopter from his penis, and grinned while he swung it around."

Well, if that doesn't entice you to see it... in 3D no less, than I don't know what will.

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