Monday, July 26, 2010


Aiight Cin-Obs, it's that time again! This week saw some amazing submissions for Taglines: Take Two! We asked you all to come up with an alternative tagline for Alien (1979). Here are your submissions:

Stay away from the space spaghetti... it repeats on you something awful.

Based on a true story.

It's not food poisoning... its worse!

Get ready for a rib-popping, face-sucking adventure!

Your Baby is an Alien. Kill it.

In space indigestion can friggin' kill you...

Giving birth hurts. Just ask the appropriately named John Hurt.

Now get over to the right sidebar and cast your vote now!

1 comment:

Sammy V said...

Love the based on a true story one. Hey, I finally got my Happy post up, and a little recognition to your site. Thanks again!