Monday, July 19, 2010

TAGLINES: Take Two! Winner and New Assignment!

The Cin-Obs have voted, and decided that the best original, new, alternate, amazing tagline for Pretty Woman (1990) was submitted by JRL from Mind Won't Stop!

Buy 1 week, get 51 free.

JayJay, you so clever! I get it. I really do. Took me a second, but then I got it. *Angie looks at a calender* Yes, I totally get it.

Mad props to the other submissions because they were all totally hilar. You Cin-Obs are so darn creative, it makes me teary-eyed with pride.

So JRL, you are no inducted into the Tagline Hall of Fame! You will like totally go down in history now. Fo sheez.


Get ready, because here comes your new assignment, ladies and gents!

For all you newbies, here's how it works --- we give ya a film, and you come up with your own tagline for it! Be creative! Show off your sick skills with a wicked new tagline. Oh sorry, I had an attack of douchebaggery. Just submit your new tagline for Alien (1979) in the comments, and ALL of them will go up for voting next Monday. Winner becomes the newest inductee into the Tagline Hall of Fame!


Karen Kaye said...

Stay away from the space spaghetti... it repeats on you something awful.

Simon said...

Based on a true story.

JRL said...

It's not food poisoning... its worse!

Jonathan said...

"Get ready for a rib-popping, face-sucking adventure!"

*I know, it's a cheap attempt at a new tagline! :D

Celtaur said...

Your Baby is an Alien. Kill it.

Jeff said...

Eggs! Not just for breakfast anymore.

Jeff said...
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