Monday, August 30, 2010

Cameron Diaz is a Bad, Bad Teacher...

So I was just stalking checking out what my boyfriend favie actor is up to. Jason Segel is on a roll these days. He's poppin' up everywhere! Apart from the highly anticipated upcoming Muppet movie, Jason's got another rom-com comin' that will surely tickle my fancy. *Chantale inserts naughty thoughts here*

Here's what Wikipedia is sayin' about Bad Teacher (2011):

The script follows a foul-mouthed, money hungry teacher (Cameron Diaz) who sets her sights on a colleague (Lucy Punch) who is dating a substitute teacher (Justin Timberlake). Diaz's character, having just been dumped, decides to pursue her new colleague, who also happens to be the scion of a watch fortune.

It sounds pretty cute. It'll be weird to see Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz on screen together after their break-up. And although my boyfriend isn't playing the lead, I'm just relieved to know he won't be playing Cameron's love interest. I like her, but I'd have to open a big 'ol can of whoop-ass if she touched him. He doesn't like chicks like her anyways. He likes chicks like me.

Ahem... I'm getting creepy again. I'll stop.

So what do the Cin-Obs think? Will you check out this rom-com?

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