Thursday, August 5, 2010

Please Go Back To Normal Now: Joaquin Phoenix's New Movie

I'm Still Here is Casey Affleck's new film, documenting the tragic bearded crazyballs descent of Joaquin "I used to be a good actor" Phoenix into a failed rapping career and general madness.

We loved him heartily and always hoped his shenanigans were something he was doing for this documentary thingy, and this might prove it. As long as he goes back to normal now. Please. Just... just be normal. We miss you.


KeLLy aNN said...

I am totally stoked for this one!

Charles Knight said...

Personally, I'm enjoying seeing Joaquin make a fool of himself as a rapper/MC. When he realises he can't sell records he'll return to what he's best at don't worry.

Christina In Wonderland said...

I think he's been having a mid-lifeish crisis. But I agree, I hope he goes back to normal soon. I miss him being, you know, normalish.