Thursday, September 23, 2010

Casey Affleck Fesses Up About "I'm Still Here"

In an interview with Roger Ebert, Casey Affleck discussed the true nature of his "documentary" about Joaquin Phoenix, I'm Still Here.

He tries to clear up the misconception that it was all a stunt or hoax, and tries to clarify that Joaquin was playing a character, and making a point, but that off-camera, he was normal.

Gotta say - not to toot our own horn - but we "got it" from the start. Although we were worried about his crazy shenanigans, gruff appearance, and rap career, we've said before (here, and here too) that the film would be a statement on celebrity culture, and that what Joaquin was really doing was "living his character" for the purpose of the film. Koodos to us. We're not saying we're the only people who realized it wasn't for real, obviously EVERYONE was speculating, but we felt the filmmakers would eventually give this exact explanation. We just never got the hoax vibe... we got more of a brilliant-way-to-tell-a-story vibe.

Joaquin also appeared on Letterman again to discuss the new film and offer an "apology" for his behaviour and the two are on good terms, crackin' jokes. Check it out! Our wonderful Joaquin is back!

Will you watch I'm Still Here?

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