Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bumblebee Gets a BooBoo on the Set of Transformers 3!

A DC cop car managed to get into the closed set of Transformers 3 in the middle of shooting a scene, and well... take a look at what happened.

This movie is totally cursed. Click here to read about another tragic event from the Transformers 3 set.


quizshowbob said...

I think I would be kinda be afraid to go see it in the theater.

JRL said...

Wow... you dont' see that everyday.

Two concerns - firstly, how does one get on a closed set (although he is in a police car, so maybe they thought it was required in the scene) Secondly, i hope the dog in the back of the vehicle is okay.

Also i'm extremely impressed with how little damage the SUV took from such a impact.