Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Looper: A Time Travellin' Ass-Kickin' Good Time!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt (my latest rekindled crush), Bruce Willis (a long-time flame) and Emily Blunt (girl crush) are all set to star in Looper (2012). This sci-fi Minority Report-esque sounding goodie sure sounds good! Quick blurb:

According to reports from the Cannes Film Festival in May, 2010, both Willis and Gordon-Levitt play the same character at different points in time. The film is set in the near future before time travel exists. An even farther future crime syndicate sends its intended victims back in time to be killed and disposed of. Wikipedia

Does that not totally catch your attention?! We both loved and rewatched (shocking) Minority Report (2002) and while this upcoming boasts a different plot, it definitely promises to entertain us in much the same way. The added element of time travel is amazing! We're always game for a good time travel flick - we'll take anything from Bill & Ted (1989) to The Time Machine (2002). It don't matter. Phone booth, crazy contraption, hell even an Austin mini will do... you know.

We're not picky. We know this. You know this. But tell us - does this not sound like it might be a great movie?!


Melanie's Randomness said...

I love those time traveling movies!! I hope its not too Twelve Monkeys ya know? =)

Mike Lippert said...

I covered the script to this flick a couple weeks ago. It's not very good.

JRL said...

Anything with a flux capacitor right!

Mike - that is disappointing to hear, the girls had me intrigued.

Angie said...

Mike, consider our bubble burst. haha nah we'll check it out regardless :)

KeLLy aNN said...

yes, yes, I love My Man, or um, Mr.'s really fun when we go to the movies!
I'm also a big fan of time travel flicks, with the first Back to the Future and The Time Machine being my favorites.