Friday, November 12, 2010

Tempting Trailer: A River Runs Through It

Oh me oh my. Man do I love this flick. I remember curling up in blankies in my parents basement at the tender age of 9 when I first watched this movie. I was young, but I knew I was watching an exceptional gem! I also remember liking both Brad Pitt and Craig Sheffer more than a friend. Oh yes. I was 9, but already interested in boys.

The story is beautiful... it'll make you cry, it'll make you reflect on family and love.. it's amazing. It's been out for 18 years for shitsake. SEE IT!

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KeLLy aNN said...

I saw this movie on a flight home from Turkey ailing with the jetlag, a broken heart, and no smoking...
which made it that much more unforgettable!