Thursday, December 2, 2010

Green Lantern Trailer

We haven't given an update on this flick in a while, so here we go.

The trailer for Green Lantern has been released, and we can see sexy rexy Canadian Ryan Reynolds in full Lantern attire. Lovin' it!

Some people are diggin' this trailer, and some people are upset with Ryan's funnyman antics, saying he's playing it too lightly and always going for the laugh. We see nothing wrong with that, but I guess those that are faithful to the source material might take issue with it.

Also, as per usual, we get to see him shirtless. BONUS!

Keep your eyes peeled for the villain with the giant forehead. Whoa.

How do you feel about the CGI-ish suit?


Jamie Gibbs (Mithril Wisdom) said...

I'm not sure if the quirky humour of the hero (a la Iron Man) will be all that refreshing, but I'm gonna enjoy this nonetheless. Besides, it's Reynolds, so it's all good :)

Christina In Wonderland said...

I love LOVE Ryan Reynolds... but I'm not so jazzed to see this movie. But, I will give it this, at least he's in two different comic Verses, unlike Chris Evans who should never have been cast in the role of Cap America, because he's already been The Human Torch.

Okay. Okay. Nerd rant over... I promise.