Wednesday, January 26, 2011

100 Cheesiest Movie Quotes

After bringing you some of the greatest disses, yo mommas, eff yous, and you ain't all that and a bag 'a chips, here's something at the other end of the spectrum. CHEEEESE! You all know how much we love cheesey corny lovey dovey gooey stupid crap. Some of this isn't so much romantic-cheese as terrible-writing-cheese, but it's still super fun to watch.

Granted, some of these aren't fromage-ridden in their content, but they just suffer from bad acting. *cough cough Anakin Skywalker cough cough ahem...*

Do you agree with these? Disagree with any of these?

1 comment:

KeLLy aNN said...

are u Mexican? or Mexican't?

I can't stand Julia Roberts, anything she says is cheesy.

awww cmon ! EVERYbody loves Flash!