Saturday, March 12, 2011

Can't Get Enough of 'I'm Still Here'

Critically panned, poorly received I'm Still Here has quickly become one of our all-time favie movie experiences. It was absolutely brilliant, so reading awful critiques of it is hard to swallow. We pride ourselves on being movie enthusiasts, not movie critics. In creating this blog, we have discovered fellow Cin-Obs who cherish and appreciate movies just like we do. We're here today to let you know - If you have not yet seen this movie, please watch it immediately.

Here's what we believe happened - Casey Affleck and Joaquin Phoenix were trying to do something that hasn't really been done before. They made a movie that we all starred in. We all remember watching clips on Entertainment Tonight and TMZ about Joaquin's crazy spiral into lunacy. When we finally experienced the movie from our couch, we felt like we were a part of it. As huge Joaquin fans, we chatted regularly about our love muffin's physical appearance and potential nervous breakdown. We were scared. To see it come together in a wicked mockumentary was amazing, to say the least.

When we started hearing whispers about Casey Affleck's camera crew following Joaquin around, we were suddenly overjoyed and completely psyched to see what the project was really about. The rest of the world seemed to turn on them. Everyone screamed 'HOAX' and almost immediately dismissed the mockumentary.

We only just watched this gem last month and have since watched it about 10 more times. Joaquin's portrayal of himself in a parallel universe in which he turns to drugs, alcohol and rap is beyond brilliant. The flick is packed full of hilarity with some seriously profound moments sprinkled around along the way.

Here is an example of one of those moments. It moved us, it made us laugh, it made us rewatch, over and over again!

Here's another brillz scene we can't get enough of!

We beg you, don't listen to movie critics. They've got pretentions jammed so far up their assholes, they don't know which way is up. Enjoy the genius that is this movie and soak up Joaquin's performance. It is an absolute shame people didn't 'get' this movie. But we sure did.


Chuck said...

I have not seen it yet but I am sure I'll watch it. I second your statement on critics, fuck em...I have seen more panned movies that I absolutely loved than I could ever count. I hate critcs.

KeLLy aNN said...

In my humble onion, they were just pissed because casey and joaquin got one over on them.
I haven't seen it yet either, but its on the list....the ever growing list, cause I have to share my tv with the womb weebles.

mcarteratthemovies said...

I will watch Joaquin Phoenix in anything. Consider this one moved to the top of my Netflix queue!