Thursday, March 31, 2011

Come Together: A Racy Romp Through the Early 90s!

We've been asked to review a lot of independent films. Sadly, most are absolutely painful to sit through. Filmmaker Charlie Unger wrote us recently and told us about his film Come Together. After reading through the promo material and reading other reviews, we were interested. Plus, Charlie seems like a cool dude, yo.

We enjoyed this flick for the following reasons:

1. It's racy - Bad words + Innuendos = A good time
2. It's set in the early 90s... Ahhh memories
3. A la Breakfast Club, it's a bunch of young folks trapped together under one roof for a while. Awesome.
4. It had it's funny moments. We love to larf.
5. The dog. Scroll below to see the little munchkin.

We nearly died when we saw this 'lil squirt. Can't even deal with the cuteness that is this dog.

Cooney Horvath, who plays the Cobain-esque grunge-type named Seth, was amazing and charming. If this really were the early 90s, I woulda had a giant crush on him. Wait, I still kinda did. The moment he came on screen and opened his mouth, I was all "Oh my God, it's Dax Shepard." Just like him in mannerisms, and especially the voice. Cooney, if you're out there, has anyone ever told you that before?

There was something for everyone in here. We got the hot Asian girl, the loveable nerd, the hot babes (blonde and brunette to cater to all tastes), the flamboyant drug-addicted gay brother in sparkly shirts, etc etc.

And I gotta say, the political commentary, although subtle and mixed with boobies, was interesting. The kids are stuck together in the house because of the curfew put in place during the L.A. riots. It was interesting to revisit that historical event as if we were in the midst of it happening. We're Canadian, but the Rodney King story has reached us here in the North as well.

With a mix of people like this intermingling, there are definitely shenanigans. Old loves coming together, new loves meet, all the while giving their various opinions about the riots going on outside. And with a diverse group like this, it's hilarious, and poignant at the same time.

For all the Cin-Obs who subscribe to Netflix, you'll be able to catch this comedy on there soon!

Click HERE to see the official Indican Pictures website...

Click HERE to watch the trailer!

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