Monday, April 4, 2011

Tempting Trailer: Balls of Fury

This gem nearly snuck by us. We only got around to watching it on TMN a little over a year ago and boy, did we laugh.

It certainly wasn't love at first sight with Dan Fogler. Our love affair blossomed slowly and grew stronger with every movie we watched. First was Good Luck Chuck, in which Dan played a plastic surgeon who was a little too obnoxious for our tastes.. then came Fanboys.. BAAAMM. Love. By the time we watched Balls of Fury, we were sold.

We heart you Dan.


KeLLy aNN said...

This movie gets funnier every time I watch it.
Christopher Walken was the icing on the cake!

Jen said...

I have to see this because of Dan is funny in this, I will heart him even more.
Loved him in Fanboys!!

online memorial said...

Yeah, the movie is funny! Really! I love it ;)