Thursday, March 3, 2011

Oscar Poll Results!

The Oscars have come and gone, and the Cin-Obs thought Inception deserved top prize of Best Picture! Honestly, we haven't seen any of the nominees EXCEPT Inception, so our opinion was moot on this one. But hey, it WAS amazing, and we're glad it snagged some of the techie awards for its special effects!

Coming in second was Black Swan, which didn't win, but DID get N-Port a statue.

Toy Story 3 got 3rd place, which is not a huge disappointment since it did walk about with Best Animated Feature.

Twas a good year, good year. Now we just gotta see The King's Speech and see what all the f.f...fffuss is about. Haha get it? Cuz he stutters. Nevermind.

What did you think of this year's ceremonies, hosts, winners, losers, and everything in between?


Sammy V said...

Inception got the awards I feel it deserved. I feel Social Network was a little more deserving of the BP win, but King's Speech was still a brilliant film.
Not sure what was up with the felt a little awkward.

The Vegetable Assassin said...

I'd have liked to see "Winter's Bone" win some as an underdog, that movie was unique and I loved it. I thought "Inception" got the only awards it deserved - all visual and sound. The movie itself I didn't like at all. It was messy and hard to follow. But then I think that about almost all of Chris Nolan's movies. I think he and I are just incompatible. :)

I liked "King's Speech" but it was an Oscar shoo in from the start. I think there are better movies out there. I mean it's English, period piece, Colin Firth, could've been written by a YouTube commenter and still have won.

Gosh I'm cynical today, ladies!

JRL said...

I pretty much felt that for once all the awards went exactly where they should have. Can't say i was too surprised with any of the results. Really glad The Social Network didn't clean up like some movies of the past. As good a movie as it was, i really felt like it was overhyped and slightly overrated. I also just don't really like the idea of a movie about a social phenomenon winning an academy award; rubs me the wrong way.

Angie said...

I know what you mean JRL, but I don't see why BP winners have to be super ultra depressing dramatic romantic historical stories, and such. I wanted Avatar to win so bad. There are elements other than drama that should be considered for the top prize. I want a sci-fi flick or a comedy to take it one day.