Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Too Gory for the Screen?

Holy schmoly. Prepare for a debate, Cin-Obs! A Canadian make-up artist has been charged for making movies that are too gory!! Yikes! Read below and please weigh in via comments!

MONTREAL – Rémy Couture’s imagination is a twisted place, where serial killers mutilate and rape corpses and a child is fed a severed arm. But the special-effects artist does not think the horror films he created depicting that world should make him a criminal.

Mr. Couture, 33, will be in Quebec Court on Monday to learn his trial date for what will be a closely watched test of Canadian obscenity law. He faces three charges under the Criminal Code of producing, distributing and possessing obscene material after police arrested him and raided his east-end Montreal apartment and studio. TheFreeRadical

A big thanks to our filmmaker pal James Bressack for this hot tip!

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