Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ottawa Cin-Obs Come See THE CONSPIRATOR this Friday!

A big Cin-Ob THANK YOU to Alliance Films for giving us 4 double-passes for The Conspirator this Friday at Empire 7 Cinemas!

If you remember our last post about this flick (how could you not?) you'll know it's got some great peeps in it like Robin Wright, Evan Rachel Wood, James McAvoy (swoon), Justin Long (also swoon), and Kevin Kline (middle aged possibly gay swoon).

If you're in the Ottawa area and  wanna see the movie, give us a shout at! Only 4 passes to give away. And remember, the REAL treat is that Chantale and I will be there to personally hand you the ticket. I know! Couldn't you just die? Gawd.

You'll know it's us by our top hats and beards in honour of Honest Abe.


Jen said...

You must bring the Cin-ob on the road. Like say Halifax....*cough*

Angie said...

You better believe when we're rich and famous we'll be taking a road trip! ;)