Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tasty Tagline: Mirror Mirror

One Bad Apple.


Jenny said...

This sounds like such a great movie! I assume you've watched it? I honestly haven't even seen a trailer for Mirror Mirror, but I've been told that it's supposed to be good. I think it will be interesting to see Julia Roberts in a "bad" role for a change. ;-) I love looking over the "top" lists at the end of each year, like the top comedies of 2011. I bet Mirror Mirror will make it on someone's list!!!

Anonymous said...

How can you allow someone to comment on your site who says "Death to Pansy Queers"? I mean, what kind of person is this, who uses this antiquated kind of talk and who is so mean-spirited as to want a whole segment of society to experience pain and death? I am speaking of "Hamster." He writes "death to pansy queers" all over the internet. it really upsets me a lot.