Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Exquisite Extra: Step Brothers

Hungry for a few larfs? We've made sure to talk about this recent comedy p-p-plenty! Check out the Line-o-Rama from this gem... we especially love Adam Scott (Will Ferrell's D-Bag-o-licious bro in the movie)! Bon Appetit Cin-Obs!

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DJ Joel Roche said...

hahahaha I havent laughed so hard in a few days now good stuff!!! peach cobbler rofl!!!

JRL said...

Ahh, yes, Step Brothers, the movie that i love to hate. I hate it because well, it wasn't that good, but i love it, because there are so many golden jems like:
"These mash potatoes taste like shit"
"Ice and Mustard. Help yourself, I have a whole tray"
"I'll punch you right in the concussion!"
And of course we can't forget the defending one self with a bicycle.