Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Avatar Sequels!

Who didn't see this coming? Milk it, Cameron! Milk it for all it's worth!

But seriously, we totally wanna see more of Pandora. Yeah yeah, we got wrapped up in the hype of Avatar... pssshhh whatever. It was good and you know it.

Cameron has said many times since the release of the super-extreme money-making film that he's working on sequels. He might even be making it a trilogy! We're cool with this as long as the next films are as good as the first.

He has confirmed that the story would follow Jake and Neytiri's lives on Pandora, and we can only hope we'll get to see some blue on blue action that they deprived us of in the first film. Come on, you know you were secretly hoping for a love scene.

Cameron has also said humans will return as the baddies, stirring up more shit over unobtainium. When will our stupid race learn?! Why oh why must we be so horrible! WHHYYY!!!!! Sorry, I got really into it there for a second.

Stephen Lang, who played the scarred-up arsehole Colonel Quaritch, has said he will be back for the sequels. 

He told Entertainment Weekly: "You think those two arrows in my chest are going to stop me from coming back? Nothing's over so long as they've got my DNA."

Ya had to bring DNA into this... Well I guess it's the future so they can do anything and we'll just accept it. As long as Giovanni Ribisi doesn't come back. We love him, but his performance was cheesetastic.

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