Monday, August 31, 2009

Movie Mistake: Chasing Amy

Kevin Smith is a geeeenius... no doubt. We hate to point out an error. It hurts us to the core.

Oh well! Here goes!

In Chasing Amy (1997) there's a quick moment in the movie where there is a visible burn mark on the film. This isn't on the characters or in the scene, it's an actual burn on the physical film.

It's not that surprising when you remember that Kev writes, directs, and EDITS his own movies.... and smokes A LOT of cigarettes.

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JRL said...

Awww, for a brief second i thought maybe, just maybe Ben Afleck was about to burst into flames. Sigh. Next time
Good movie though. Especially love the Santa/Easter Bunny/ Man Hatting Dyke Joke. lol