Monday, August 31, 2009

Russell Crowe is Robin Hood!

Ridley Scott didn't think there were enough versions of this classic story out there, so he's making a new one!

Russell "I had to drop 50 pounds for this role" Crowe will be playing Robin, and the always lovely and talented Cate Blanchett will be playing the love interest, Lady Marian.

Nothing interesting to say about this one, since we all know about the "stealing from the rich, giving to the poor" premise of these films. Apparently Crowe studied for months to perfect his bow and arrow skills, and read tons of books about Robin Hood to really "understand" his character. Pffft...

He signed on to the project with Ridley Scott, but hated the script and made them take an extra 10 months to re-write it. And we bet it will STILL be the same ol' story.

Check it out in theatres May 14, 2010, and bring your merry men.

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