Friday, August 28, 2009

The Passenger - An Iggy Pop Biopic

Ohhhh interesting! Well not really, since every Joe-Blow and his dog gets a biopic nowadays...

But anyway... an Iggy Pop movie is in the works, and Elijah Wood has been confirmed to star as the man with a lust for life. Apparently Wood is scared to death since he's such a huge fan and doesn't "want to be the one to screw it up."

Wood is one of very few child actors to grow up and actually be successful, and not wig out at some point and blame his lack of childhood for his problems. Props to that! We've been huge fans of his ever since Forever Young (1992).

We don't quite see him as Iggy, but we know we'll probably be impressed with the performance. The movie is going to be set in the Pop's early years with his band, The Stooges.

The title The Passenger is the name of an Iggy song from 1977.

We're love a good biopic, and especially ones of the musical variety. We can't wait to see Frodo rock it out.

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Lauren Modery said...

Hey! I wrote a post not that long ago about this. They've been talking about this movie for years now. Who the heck knows if it will ever get made! I can't really find any other info than the initial info two years ago.