Friday, September 4, 2009

All About Steve

Sandra Bullock is poducing and starring in the upcoming comedy, All About Steve... a play on words of the classic film All About Eve.

Thomas Hayden Church, Bradley Cooper, and Ken Jeong also star. We love Ken! He's a brilliant new face in the comedy world!

But anyways, the film is about a pathetic woman named Mary who meets a man named Steve (Cooper) and is completely infatuated. She believes he is her soulmate and basically stalks him. I guess this is somehow gonna be comedic.

I also don't remember selling the rights to my life story to Bullock. I want my cheque, Sandra!

Anyways, so far critics are saying it's a piece of crap, and the lowest point in her career. Ouch. That sucks.

It came out today in theatres, but don't all go rushing to the theatre at the same time.

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